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Re: (3) Big East Games- Wed. 2/14/17

Postby Bill Marsh » Sun Feb 18, 2018 12:32 am

REDMEN1415 wrote:
Bill Marsh wrote:
And once Villanova had no depth either, they were on equal footing.

When a team can bring in a kid like DiVincenzo off the bench when starters are beginning to tire or to be replaced by lesser players, that’s a back breaker. Villanova lost that."

That's what SJU's been going through since Lovett quit, so why all the crying?

Who’s crying? :lol:

As you say, LoVett’s loss was costly for St John’s, turning a team which began the season with a hot start into one that lost 11 in a row. Why would you think that the loss of depth wouldn’t also have an impact on Villanova?

Before Lovett quit, SJU had one B.E. caliber player on the bench (Owens), I believe Nova's bench players are way better then ours.

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